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Ju-Ju-Be HoboBe Diaper Bag

Ju-Ju-Be HoboBe

Okay, here's the truth... I appreciate a good bag like some people appreciate fine art. You're laughing, I know, but it is totally the truth. I have

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10 Ways to Keep Kids Busy While Traveling

Since our move to and from Indiana car games have become very important to us. We have spent hours traveling and we still have more to do. Now that we’re back in California, I cannot wait to get on the road this summer. I’m anxious to hit the beach, spend time in Los Angeles, and […]

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How to Tell My Twins Apart

How to Tell My Twins Apart

I’m continually amazed at how many people think my boys look just alike or ask if they are identical. The truth is, I don’t know if they are identical or fraternal, but my bet is on fraternal while the rest of the family swears they’re identical. This year will be the year we find out […]

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Small Steps to a Healthier Me!

Small Steps to a Healthier Me

This month I celebrated 4 years post-op from Lap-Band surgery. To say that I’m not where I expected to be would be an understatement; but so would saying that I had unrealistic expectations of what Lap-Band would do for me. But since the day of surgery I have learned that the only way to achieve […]

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Dollar Tree Party Decorations

Celebrate Special Moments with Dollar Tree

I have to hand it to my Zadey; being the new kid at school is not the most amazing thing, ever. Yet, having been back in California for only 2 months that’s exactly the spot she’s in. Luckily she is attending school with one of her cousins and that certainly helps to make friends fast. […]

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5-hour ENERGY

My Secret for Long-Lasting Energy… Energy Shots!

I have to tell you something… I’m tired. Actually, I’m exhausted. Perhaps I’m even past the point of exhaustion. And I have done everything I know how to gain more energy. Few things work. All the tricks out there and and still, I’m exhausted. But, on more than one occasion I have gone to energy […]

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