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Comics Head App Review

Zadey has such a creative mind and loves story telling. Of course her stories are that of an 8 year old… they’re interesting, a little off, and always a lot silly. And though she has many outlets for telling her cute stories, when we were introduced to Comics Head app and I began to play with it, I realized it was the perfect app for her to illustrate her stories and share them.

Joanne and I played with it and we decided that Comics Head app is like Bitstrips; only it’s better, more advanced, and packed full of features.

What Is Comics Head?

Take a quick look at that video to get the idea of what the Comics Head app does. With this app you can create:

  • Storyboards
  • Comic Strips
  • Photo Comics
  • Presentation Slides
  • … and so much more!

And, to create your comic story, Comics Head has a huge selection of:

  • Backgrounds
  • Characters
  • Props
  • Templates
  • Themes

Capture websites or maps then import them in to Comics Head to add anything you could possibly imagine.

How does it work?

So, load up Comics Head from iTunes or Android, get it installed and run with it. When you open it you’ll see:

Comics Head App Start Screen

This is the start screen. From here you can select previously made comics, premade comic templates, templates you have built, or create a new comic from scratch.

Comics Head Templates

If you can come up with the punch line, but not the design, the templates are perfect for you. Just looking at some of these make me laugh.

Comics Head App Template

Comics Head App Template

The story has been illustrated for you, now just come up with the story and punch line.

Create Your Own

Comics Head App

Joanne wanted to create something cute for our niece, Malia. She created this comic by selecting the premade background, adding the sun, the panda bear, the ice cream cone, and wrote the text.

If you want to be super advanced, you can build an entire comic book, screen by screen. Here’s just some of the assets Comics Head has to choose from:

Comics Head Design Asset

Comics Head Design Asset

Comics Head Design Asset

Comics Head Design Asset

Comics Head Design Asset

Comics Head Design Asset

Comics Head Design Asset

Comics Head Design Asset

Comics Head Design Asset

Comics Head Design Asset

Comics Head Design Asset

All this and really, it’s only a small sampling of everything it has to offer. The Comics Head Facebook Page says there is more than 1,500 design assets to choose from!

There are also sketch templates that can be colored, templates for slide presentations, and a lot more awesome features.

You know those images all over Facebook that have a beautiful background, maybe a bit of scenery, and an awe-inspiring quote? Those would be so incredibly easy to make and share with Comics Head. Bloggers: think viral Facebook post.

Comics Head Simple Quote

The apps tagline is endless storytelling possibilities and it couldn’t be more true. There is so much to do, create, and enjoy with Comics Head I’m almost overwhelmed trying to tell you all the fun features.

What story will you tell?

The Comics Head app is available on iTunes and Google Play. Once you have downloaded the app you can find fun inspiration by following Comics Head on Facebook and Twitter.


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      For the 2 versions that I linked to there is a fee. However, they do have a lite version so you can get some great features in the free app… or at least give it a trial run before you pay for it. It’s totally worth the cost though (it’s $3.99 on iTunes).

  1. says

    My son has really been wanting to draw lately. He learns it from us and from preschool. It’s such a great way for them to express their self.

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