The Many Uses of Coconut Oil


Do you feel like we’re hearing a lot about coconut oil lately? Suddenly it seems to have exploded in popularity in my Facebook Mommy groups, blogs, and well… everything I read. Everyone has been talking about it, so I figured I’d pick it up.

Last week at Costco, I found a HUGE tub. I figured I’d grab it some time.

Then, I talked to my sister about it thinking of how it might be nice for my niece’s crazy curly hair. And then while we were at Costco a couple of days ago, we decided to grab it. We bought two 54 oz containers. One for her, one for us.

Last night my sister used it on my niece’s hair. I gave the boys a bath and then rubbed them down with it, now I want to eat them.

So, I thought I’d share with you a few links that will teach you about how amazing, and versatile this stuff is. Perhaps you can find a use, or two for it too.

Dr. Oz: The Surprising Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

Wellness Mama: 101 Uses for Coconut Oil

Baby Center: 21 Mom & Baby Friendly Uses for Coconut Oil

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